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Welcome to Fine Print Pens

Dedicated to telling stories about a lifelong fascination with pens (and pencils!)

Greetings to one and all,

I recall when I was small that I spent my days (alone?) … no not always but I did spend a lot of time drawing spaceships and cars and battle-bots and… you get the picture.

The funny thing is that even though I’m older and have children to do all of the impromptu artwork that my refrigerator will take, I still find time to doodle and to write. Pen on paper.

I have a very nice collection of fountain pens, rollerballs, ball-point pens, brushes, markers, charcoals and pencils. Some of them never leave my shirt-pocket, some never see the light of day once they go into my cabinet. Maybe I can use this space to dust them off and share the stories of how/when/why I got them and more importantly why I keep them.